I'm researching ways to give people more agency in computing, so they can compose, tweak, and even build their own tools.

I'm currently a Computer Science PhD student at MIT in the Software Design Group. I also collaborate with the Ink & Switch industrial research lab. Before that, I was an early engineer at Panorama Education (YC S13).

My main project these days is Riffle: a local-first reactive relational database that aims to make it easier for anyone to build apps. That's a collaboration w/ Nicholas Schiefer, Johannes Schickling, and Daniel Jackson.

More broadly, I'm thinking about:

  • data interoperability: how can we build a world where you can Bring Your Own Client and have software tools work together better on shared data? I talked about this in depth on the Metamuse podcast.
  • calm collaborative work: what tools can we build to support writers working together asynchronously? I worked on the Peritext rich text CRDT as a first step towards this kind of collaboration.

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Contact me

Please reach out if you're interested in chatting about ideas, or if I might be able to help you in some way. You can contact me via email or on Twitter.

📦 The Archive... (older work less relevant to my current interests)