Hi! I'm a PhD student in Computer Science at MIT in the Software Design Group. My goal is to make programming radically more accessible, so that everyone can build and tweak their own software. Recently I've worked on...

  • Cambria: a system for ergonomic data schema compatibility, with the Ink and Switch research lab.
  • Wildcard: a platform that empowers end users to modify web applications through a spreadsheet interface.
  • Twemex: a browser extension that surfaces the best ideas on Twitter.

I'm also thinking a lot about how to get better interoperability between our tools. Can we build a world where you can Bring Your Own Client?

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Contact me

Please reach out if you're interested in chatting about ideas, or if I might be able to help you in some way. You can contact me via email or on Twitter.

📦 The Archive... (older work less relevant to my current interests)